The Future of
ESG Data & Disclosure

27-28 August 2024
Pullman Albert Park

About iX Summit Melbourne


Climate change poses considerable risks to businesses of every size and industry, including more extreme weather events, natural resource scarcity and changing regulations. With Australia now introducing mandatory climate risk disclosure from January 2025, ASIC has called for businesses to ‘start preparing now’. The most significant and complex change to corporate reporting in a generation, this will require more than 6000 large companies to comply over the next few years and produce ESG data and disclosure across their supply chains.

The Impact X Summit Melbourne will gather business leaders, directors and sustainability practitioners to address the future of ESG data and disclosure together. The Summit offers two separate programs for corporates and investors. Speakers will look at regulation and frameworks, nature-related disclosures, improved data collection, and how ESG collaboration and transparency across supply chains can support improved performance and growth.

Featured Speakers

Adam Kirkman_Xpansiv_Headshot
Adam Kirkman
Strategic Advisor
Amy Hogan_Transurban_Headshot
Amy Hogan
Head of ESG & Sustainability
Andrew Peterson_BCSD_headshot
Andrew Peterson
Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia
Anna Stewart_Coles_Headshot
Anna Stewart
Head of Sustainability Reporting and Engagement
April Mackenzie_XRB_headshot
April Mackenzie
Chief Executive
External Reporting Board
New Zealand
Ben Stuart_Xpansiv_Headshot
Ben Stuart
Chief Commercial Officer,
Brian Bero_Jaramer_Headshot
Brian Bero
Principal Lawyer
Jaramer Legal
Cassandra Williams_Climateworks_Headshot
Cassandra Williams
Head, Sustainable Finance
Climateworks Centre
Christoph Nedopil-Wang _Griffith_Headshot
Christoph Neopil-Wang
Director, Griffith Institute
Professor, Griffith University
Cliff Cobbo_WWF_Headshot
Cliff Cobbo
Indigenous Engagement Manager, WWF Australia
Ed John _ACSI_Headshot
Ed John
Executive Manager
Australian Council of Superannuation Investors
Fiona Reynolds_UNGC_Headshot
Fiona Reynolds
UN Global Compact Australia
Helen Maisano_Optus_Headshot
Helen Maisano
Senior Director
Group Sustainability
Jessica Richmond_Sumday_Headshot
Jessica Richmond
Chief Executive Officer
JP Stevenson_LRQA_Headshot
JP Stevenson
ESG Analytics
Justin Williams_AASB_Headshot
Justin Williams
Managing Director
Australian Accounting Standards Board
Kate Dundas_UN Global Compact_Headshot
Kate Dundas
Executive Director
UN Global Compact Australia
Kate ORourke_ASIC_Headshot
Kate O’Rourke
Commissioner, Australian Securities & Investments Commission
Kathryn Franklin_Qantas_Headshot
Kathryn Franklin
Head of ESG,
Kimberly Randle _Fair Supply_Headshot
Kimberly Randle
Co-Founder & CEO
Fair Supply
Kristy Graham_ASFI_Headshot copy
Kristy Graham
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative
Lisa Caripis_IGCC_Headshot
Lisa Caripis
Manager, Investor Practice, Program
Investor Group on Climate Change
Lisa Zembrodt_Schneider_Headshot copy
Lisa Zembrodt
Principal & Sustainability Business Director
Schneider Electric
Leilani Weier_Rest_Headshot
Leilani Weier
Head of Responsible Investment & Sustainability, Rest Super
Mark Rigotti_AICD_Headshot
Mark Rigotti
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Company Directors
Michael Mazengarb_Owl Advisory_Headshot
Michael Mazengrab
Senior Adviser
Owl Advisory by KWM
Nayanisha Samarkoon_RIAA_Headshot
Nayanisha Samarakoon
Head of Policy and Advocacy
Responsible Investment Association Australasia
Nick Clare_VCCI_Headshot
Nick Clare
General Manager, Product & Insights, Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Phil Martin _GPT_Headshot
Phil Martin
Nature Performance Manager
GPT Group
Rebecca Mikula-Wright
Rebecca Mikula-Wright
Chief Executive Officer
Investor Group on Climate Change
Rick Lord_S&P GLobal_Headshot
Rick Lord
Head of Methodology Innovation,
ESG Innovation & Analytics
S&P Global Sustainable1
Sophie Jackman_ANZ_Headshot
Sophie Jackman
Head of ESG Disclosure & Reporting
Tamara Somers_Xero_Headshot
Tamara Somers
General Manager
Sustainability and Impact
Tania Smith_CommBank_Headshot
Tania Smith
Executive Director, Sustainable Finance,
Commonwealth Bank
Tiarne Shutt_ASFI_Headshot
Tiarne Shutt
Program Lead, First Nations Finance, Australian Sustainable Finance Institute
Yuki Yasui_GFANZ_Headshot
Yuki Yasui
Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero
Zarmeen Pavri_SDGx_Headshot
Zarmeen Pavri
Partner & Chief Impact Officer

Business Summit

Day 1: 27 August 2024

The first day of the iX Summit Melbourne will help companies prepare for mandatory climate disclosure, understand the regulatory requirements, improve data collection and management across supply chains and learn best practice reporting and disclosure from the companies who are already doing this.

Investor Summit

Day 2: 28 August 2024

The second day of the iX Summit Melbourne will help investors understand how mandatory climate disclosure will impact their portfolios, learn the latest on disclosure requirements and how greater transparency can improve decision-making and gain insights for better engagement with companies that can lead to improved performance and growth.

Choose Your Summit Experience

Business Summit
Day One (27 August)

  • Focus on corporate strategies, regulation and frameworks, nature-related disclosures, and improved data collection.
  • Ideal for business leaders and sustainability practitioners looking to enhance ESG collaboration and transparency across supply chains.

Investor Summit
Day Two (28 August)

  • Tailored for investors, with sessions on ESG investment strategies, risk management, and growth opportunities.
  • Perfect for those interested in how ESG factors can support improved performance and growth in investments.

Attend Both Days
(27-28 August)

  • Gain comprehensive insights by attending both the Business Summit on day one and the Investor Summit on day two.
  • Network with a diverse group of stakeholders and participate in discussions that bridge corporate and investment perspectives.


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Acknowledgement of Country


We respect and acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise their rich cultures and connections to land, sea and community. Together, we commit to building a sustainable future together.

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