About Impact X

Our Vision is to create a net-zero, nature positive future that benefits all people and ensures the wellbeing of our planet.

Our Values


Our focus is on taking action and making a real difference in the world. We are here to create a positive impact on climate and sustainability.

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We place enormous value on inclusion
and strive to include diverse voices and
perspectives in all our initiatives.

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We believe in the power of working together across sectors to drive meaningful change.

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We prioritise building a sense of belonging and interconnectedness among our partners and stakeholders, knowing that by working together we can drive positive change.

What Makes Us Unique?

Proven Track Record.
We have a proven track record of facilitating local and global sustainability events, round tables and conversations to bring about systematic change in the pursuit of sustainability.
Collaboration for Acceleration.
At the core of our approach is collaboration, bringing together diverse stakeholders and fostering economies of scale.
Commitment to Sustainability.
Our primary goal is to create tangible and meaningful impacts on people and the planet. We have been committed to doing everything we can to contribute to a net-zero, nature positive future.
Impartial Facilitator.
We bring government, business academics, community and other stakeholders together to facilitate and accelerate systematic change, playing a neutral role with a focus on reducing inequality.

Our Team

Tony Gourlay
Tony Gourlay
Anna Groot
Anna Groot
Senior Program Manager
Kate Jenkins
Kate Jenkins
Head of Partnerships & Marketing
Tony Boatman
Tony Boatman
Jess Swinnerton
Jess Swinnerton
Sponsor & Exhibition Manager

Our Partners