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Real food, real impact: the plant-based food phenomenon of Indonesia

By Bob Snow on February 25, 2021

Launched just a few months ago, Green Butcher is already making major strides in Indonesia’s growing organic food market   “I grew up eating a bunch of junk food,” Helga Angelina s...

A picture paints a thousand hopes

By Bob Snow on February 18, 2021

The amazing grassroots power of Litterati, the global community committed to creating a litter-free world. “It’s really simple. I’m driven to leave this place better than I found i...

SHIFT! is on a mission to discover local tech startups with a purpose. The approach: start at the roots of the grassroots.

By Bob Snow on January 14, 2021

Impact tech start-ups are on the rise — in cities the world over What’s the first place that comes to mind when you think of true technological innovation? Most everyone will say S...

The profound power of Impact Technology

By Bob Snow on November 10, 2020

Impact X is creating the world’s largest Impact Technology ecosystem. Their goal: shift $5 billion in capital in the next five years to solve systemic problems on a global scale. B...

The Rise of Impact Technology

By Tincq, B., Cunha Brito, M., & Sinet, L. on October 20, 2020

We call Impact Tech the intentional use of science and technology to benefit people and the planet. Around the world, that emerging sector is growing, under the influence of severa...

Raising Camels, Not Unicorns

By Community curated on October 20, 2020

The world has changed. In the wake of Covid-19, and the global recession it has caused, business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors are all girding for a long period...

4 ways CIOs can drive circular economy

By Community curated on October 14, 2020

CIOs are well-positioned to take a leading role in creating new business value and bolstering competitive agility in the circular economy.   As we enter this decade, the facts are ...

Applying technology to global problems

By Community curated on October 14, 2020

Is there not always a trade-off between good and bad in technology? It’s really important to be aware of the unintended consequences of the technology that you’re developing. It’s ...

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