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Why Australia needs to embrace the circular economy

By Editorial Team on August 6, 2021

The circular economy represents a unique and significant opportunity; $210 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2050¹. It is capable of driving new efficiencies and productivity improveme...

The Unheard Truth About the Climate Crisis in 2021

By Editorial Team on August 6, 2021

Some people view the climate crisis as a down-the-road problem; something we can wait to deal with later. It’s not.   Editor’s Note: In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable...

Everty: Driving a cleaner future through EV charging infrastructure

By Editorial Team on July 27, 2021

Carola Jonas has spent many years of her career working in cleantech – from solar to battery to smart home energy management systems. Now, as the Chief Executive Officer of Everty,...

How this company's carbon capture technology can tackle the two biggest threats to our future

By Editorial Team on July 15, 2021

“Two crises are threatening our future: too much carbon in the atmosphere, and not enough carbon in the soil,” said Guy Hudson, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Soil Carbo...

Soil Carbon Co: Capturing carbon from the atmosphere on a gigatonne scale

By Editorial Team on July 14, 2021

Soil Carbon Co is on a mission to address climate change, restore the world’s agricultural soils, and turn carbon into an asset. No mean feat for a company that was established onl...

Johan Rockström: A plan to put the planet back on the path of sustainability

By Editorial Team on July 14, 2021

  "For the first time, we are forced to consider the real risk of destabilizing the entire planet," says climate impact scholar Johan Rockström. In a talk backed by vivid animation...

Andrew Steer: Reinventing the economy to tackle climate change

By Editorial Team on July 14, 2021

  Dr. Steer showcases the current influence and changes of our world economy. "We are now ready for a change in a way that we were not before. We have a window of opportunity to br...

Can renewables save the planet? An alternative path to move forward

By Editorial Team on July 14, 2021

  Environmentalists have long promoted renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind farms to save the climate. But what about when those technologies destroy the environment...

Achieving net zero goals require resurgence of hydropower according to IEA

By Editorial Team on July 1, 2021

Hydropower is the backbone of low-carbon electricity generation, providing almost half of it worldwide today – that’s according to the latest report by the Paris-based Internationa...

Can green hydrogen help China catch up with global leader Japan?

By Editorial Team on June 22, 2021

Experts believe that if China can make technological breakthroughs on ‘green hydrogen’, it can outpace global leaders like Japan and gain a competitive advantage on the development...

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