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Impact X Summit is the meeting place for founders and investors to scale solutions to global problems. Early-stage companies, scale ups and established market leaders, from around the world converge to share next-generation, impact technologies, that will improve lives and restore the planet.

Why Attend Impact X?

Impact X Summit is a new, hybrid event experience that allows a larger, online audience to participate fully with those attending in-person, to gain customers, forge partnerships and secure funding. Over two days of summit, exhibition and meetings, the world’s leading technologists, investors and entrepreneurs will inspire with technologies and ideas to drive growth and create a better world.

“We are on the front end of a profound, long-term structural shift in global investor preferences toward sustainability”.
Larry Fink, CEO BlackRock

Upcoming Events



20-22 JULY 2022


IX Sydney

9-11 November 2022



TBC 2022


New York

Feb 2023

IX Climate Growth - Haikou

20-22 JULY
Haikou Convention hall

IX Summit kicks will launch in Haikou, China’s newest global tech hub and capital of the region’s most ambitious free trade zone, Hainan Province. Famous for its beautiful beaches and likeness to Hawaii, Hainan boasts a booming startup ecosystem supported by government, investors and tech giants including Microsoft, TenCent, Alibaba and Samsung. With thousands of tech companies already there, Hainan is the perfect destination to launch Impact X Summit, the global meeting place for impact tech startups and investors. 

IX Climate Growth

9-11 November
Sydney International Convention Centre


The risks of climate change to industry, governments and society are increasingly clear. More and more nations are committing to net zero emission targets with massive investments being made into renewable energies, decarbonisation technologies and carbon management services. The countries who join this race to zero will be rewarded, while those who don’t will suffer and fall behind.

Of all nations Australia faces some of the most extreme climate risks but also the greatest opportunity. Our states are racing to seize this opportunity, to support their people and industries to build resilience to climate change, and generate economic growth, new jobs and climate prosperity. Find out more. 


IX Summit - Amsterdam

5-6 November

Please check back soon for full event thematic and confirmed dates. 

Impact X Summit - New York

October 2023
Haikou Convention hall

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