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Startups and climate technology entrepreneurs are sources of innovation for Australia's pathways to ZERO. We aim to bring over 100 climate tech startups to the stage and connect them with the investors, buyers and partners to scale projects for climate action, over two days of summit and exhibition.

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Avarni's mission is to enable humanity to make better decisions for the economy and environment. To achieve this, we must bring accurate, truthful and helpful information to light that is otherwise impossible to find. 

One Business's trash is another's treasure. Created by CSIRO and Data61, ASPIRE is an online marketplace for circular procurement and decarbonisation. ASPIRE facilitates resource exchange between businesses while reducing waste disposal and procurement costs and business carbon footprint.

CH4 Global is on an urgent mission to create a global aquaculture ecosystem, for Asparagopsis seaweed, to slash methane emissions from ruminant livestock and positively impact climate change. Our vision is Zero Methane Agriculture.

Clean stored energy everywhere. We manufacture batteries, powered by Australian people and resources, that are safe, affordable and optimised for hot-climates for a better economy, society and the environment.

Everty software company that helps electric vehicle (EV) drivers, charging station operators and the electricity grid to transition to a smarter and more sustainable mobility sector. The software enables businesses and governments to operate charging infrastructure in commercial and public locations and makes it easy for EV drivers to find, access and pay for the charging services provided.

Organisations are not empowered to measure and reduce their carbon. The process is costly and time consuming, yet there are substantial benefits for acting. Evalue8 Sustainability automates the process and identifies saving opportunities, allowing you to track and demonstrate your progress.

givvable is a data platform helping businesses discover & track the sustainability credentials of suppliers. Using smart algorithms and AI/ML, givvable maps supplier credentials to company targets, SDGs and ESG issues under widely-used frameworks. Capturing over 150,000 suppliers across 300+ credentials, givvable helps you meet your sustainability targets, faster!

Goterra is a cutting edge infrastructure technology company, leading the industry in creating waste management ecosystems; robotics systems that get insects to do jobs.
Green Eco


Hone Carbon uses proprietary pipelines for data analytics with cutting-edge portable hardware, mobile app and predictive machine learning engine to enable low-cost measurements of soil carbon on-farm and in real-time.

IQ Energy Australia is an innovative environmental technologies company focused on repurposing waste beneficially, in local communities and businesses, into clean, renewable, and valuable resources, utilising modular advanced thermal treatment. IQ Energy Australia is developing a modular, containerised and scalable Advanced Recycling unit for dirty and mixed plastics.

MGA Thermal Pty Ltd manufactures unique thermal energy storage that enables levelling of renewable energy flow in multiple market sectors. With US and European partnering companies we are working on direct electricity capture/dispatch options for solar farms, and conversion of thermal power stations to grid scale energy storage facilities.

"MCi has developed a scalable carbon platform technology that safely converts industrial CO2 emissions into solid bulk materials used in new low-carbon products for construction, industrial and consumer markets. We build Carbon Plants that enable CO2 emissions reduction, avoidance and removal. We create high quality permanent carbon offsets."

Pepal is an easy-to-use sustainability management platform, specialising in automated carbon accounting, that connects businesses with their value chain in order to measure, report and collaborate to achieve NetZero targets. Our mission is to enable frictionless collaboration between a business and its value chain to achieve NetZero emissions together.

Our first product, Mine-R, is a cloud-native environmental monitoring platform for the mining sector. The technology analyses satellite imagery to track a site's environmental progress. This is to ensure environmental targets are being met to achieve compliance more efficiently, with less time and cost.

Relectrify develops and supplies advanced control technology that increases lifetime and reduces cost in battery storage solutions for solar households, power grids and beyond. Backed by leading US, European, Asian and Australian venture funds and energy corporations, Relectrify builds deep product collaborations with battery manufacturers globally.

Sustainable Oil Recovery has developed an invention that will clean the world's oceans and waterways of hydrocarbons like never before. The product is a world first as the oil it absorbs can be extracted and recycled, and the sponge itself can be reused instead of being dumped in landfill.
The Yield-1

We’re an Australian agricultural technology company on a mission to transform food and farming practices with scalable digital technology. We use real time data and machine learning to power our technology to solve real challenges at farm level and throughout the food chain. Our vision is to feed the world without wrecking the planet.

Worn Up provides a Responsible Textile Disposal option for Australian schools, corporates and organisations. Our aim is to divert as many textiles out of landfill as possible and give them a second life as new products. Worn Up helps to design, develop and dispose textiles ethically, with the planet in mind.

3ME Technology’s vision is to create cleantech for the highest, deepest and toughest endeavours. We power our global partners to operate smarter, safer and more sustainably. We are a battery and electric vehicle (EV) systems company who work collaboratively with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to electrify their offerings.

AgriWebb is the singular digital platform that moves our industry forward. Our proprietary Livestock Enterprise Management technology empowers producers and supply chain innovators to visualize, connect, and leverage unique business insights to inform a more profitable, efficient, and sustainable future.

Our mission is to be the world's leading producer of wind energy in off-grid and microgrid locations.

We believe everyone should have the power to reduce their electricity bill and carbon footprint.So we built the SolShare, the world’s only hardware for sharing rooftop solar to apartments.

Australia is undergoing the fastest transition to renewable energy in the world; SwitchDin bridges the gaps between electricity companies, equipment manufacturers, and energy end users to unlock value and build a more resilient grid by enabling connectivity, orchestration, and optimisation for solar, batteries, electric vehicles and more.

Greener gives you personalised recommendations for more sustainable stores. Then, we make every purchase carbon neutral by reforesting Australia. Stores pay to clean up your carbon footprint, so there's no cost to you!
Trace (1)

Trace is your digital partner on the journey to net zero. Trace's simple software platform enables businesses of any size to measure, manage and offset their carbon emissions and engage their staff on the journey. No expertise required - we empower you to take action today, because tomorrow is too late.

Powerledger is the operating system for new energy markets enabling tracking and trading of energy, flexibility services and environmental commodities.
Carbon Asset (1)

Carbon Asset Solutions connects patented science based technology with advanced software to deliver a nature based carbon removal solution through soil carbon sequestration. Our focus is on helping the world transition to net zero carbon by making atmospheric carbon removal viable, cost effective and rapidly scalable.

With customers across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Gridcognition’s unique software is being used to simulate and optimise virtual power plants, community batteries, electric vehicle charging networks and behind-the-meter solar and energy storage systems.

Pathzero is a team of passionate people on a mission to accelerate the decarbonization of the world economy. We do this by making the necessary tools and expertise available to every company in the world and in-so-doing turning corporate action into a force that gets the planet back in balance.

Allegro Energy provides safe, clean and green energy storage solutions for a renewable energy economy. Our unique water-based non-toxic electrolytes enable high performance at a low cost with zero flammability risk. Our products fit into applications that current storage technologies cannot.

Sinkrete provides a technology that utilises sequestered carbon dioxide in the manufacturing process of precast concrete and other cementitious materials. Our technology is easily adaptable to current manufacturers with very low capital, running and maintenance costs. We want to achieve zero carbon construction industry by 2050 together with our valued customers.

As a fast-growing environmental restoration company, AirSeed Technologies has developed specialised tree-planting drones equipped with artificial and data-driven intelligence to rapidly replant large areas of land. Our proprietary seed pod bio-technology is being used to accelerate global-scale reforestation and combat the climate crisis.
BVN (1)

BVN Architecture is a collective of designers and thinkers who work to create a regenerative built environment. From modest and small scale community projects through to city defining skyscrapers, BVN approaches design with a goal of sustainability. The company also collaborates with research and innovation partners, to help make new ideas possible in sustainable architecture and design. SR2 is an architectural research collaboration between BVN and UTS Sydney.

At Fable our mission is to help end industrial animal agriculture. We do this by making delicious meaty food from mushrooms. Our products are available in Guzman y Gomez, Grill'd, Marley Spoon, Coles and Woolworths as well as venues in the US, UK and Singapore.

Hygrid Energy provides performance asset management technology for renewable energy and battery storage assets that reduces operating costs and project risk while maximising return on investment and profitability.

"LAVO is an Australian technology and lifestyle company powered by hydrogen. LAVO is commercialising the world’s first integrated hybrid hydrogen battery designed for residential and business use. Developed in partnership with UNSW and Design + Industry, the LAVO Hydrogen Energy Storage System (HESS) combines with rooftop solar to generate green hydrogen and store it safely in a patented hydride. The HESS is capable of storing and generating 40KWh of electricity, sufficient to power the average Australian home for 2 days. LAVO’s mission is to empower limitless energy. Providing families, communities and businesses with positive energy for an independent and sustainable future. LAVO for Life."

“The largest companies of our time will utilize breakthrough technologies to solve systemic problems in a profitable and scalable way.”

Ev Williams, Founder, Obvious Ventures, Twitter & Medium