IX Summit Syndey-2021: 21-22 September: ICC, Syndey

IX Summit Syndey 2021



Join us at Asia Pacific's largest climate growth summit 

Observe the latest innovations impacting the multi trillion dollar energy and carbon industries. Meet the Founders constructing resilient cities and those working to accelerate the transition of energy systems to renewable sources, of which Australia has an abundance. 


Explore 5 pathways to Zero


1. Agriculture & Land Management 

Urban farming, gene technologies, sustainable land management, synthetic biology, bioenergy, enteric emissions reduction.

2. Building & Infrastructure 

Alternative materials, carbon positive building, geopolymer cement, urban planning, water & waste management, urban planning.


3. Energy & Carbon

Energy efficiency, power generation & distribution, solar & wind, hydrogen, advanced batteries and storage.


4. Transport

Electric vehicles, urban mobility, clean shipping, hydrogen freight, EV infrastructure
and demand management, aviation


5. Industry & Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing, circular economy & material efficiency, carbon capture & utilisation, green hydrogen steel.