IX Summit Sydney 2021

IX Summit Sydney 2021

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Technology will be critical to accelerate progress to net zero and the Impact X Summit will bring Australia’s most promising and exciting innovators to the stage. The summit will directly address the decarbonisation and resilience opportunities and connect technology founders, energy transition leaders and carbon service providers, with the investors, buyers and partners they need to scale.


  • Virtual Technology exhibition showcasing decarbonisation technologies and solutions across five industry sectors – energy, transport & infrastructure, industry & manufacturing, built environment and agriculture & land use

  • High-level international and national speakers from business, government, investment and NGOs

  • Dedicated plenary and breakout sessions presenting pathways to zero emissions for input from participants and recommendations for action

  • Large scale renewable energy and clean tech projects with opportunities for climate growth job creation



0910 – 0920
Welcome and introduction

0920 – 1010
Opening speakers

1010 – 1040
Opening discussion: The decarbonisation and resilience opportunity

This opening panel will look at the goals, progress and outlook for the NSW Net Zero Plan. Speakers will discuss the job creation and economic growth to be generated from delivering the plan and highlight the need and opportunity for large corporations and financial institutions to invest in this.


1050 – 1100

1100 – 1115
Coffee Break

1115 – 1125

1125 – 1155
Discussion: Accelerating investment in climate growth

Massive investment in net zero infrastructure and technologies will be critical to future growth and to accelerating the transition to net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest. This panel will discuss a roadmap for the finance sector to deliver this investment.

1155 – 1210

1210 – 1220
Presentation: Pathways to Zero – Energy

1220 – 1230
Presentation: Pathways to Zero –Transport & Infrastructure

1230 – 1240
Presentation: Pathways to Zero – Industry & Manufacturing

1240 – 1250
Presentation: Pathways to Zero – Built Environment

1250 – 1300
Presentation: Pathways to Zero –Agriculture & Land use

1300 – 1345
Lunch Break

1345 – 1355
International keynote

1355 – 1405

1405 – 1440
Discussion: Accelerated pathways and the technology investment roadmap

This panel will look at how the Australian Technology Investment Roadmap can prioritise investments and provide a framework for decarbonising major industries. With raised ambition for 2030 and 2050 targets going into COP 26, the panel will discuss the role of critical technology investment in accelerating national pathways to net zero.

1440 – 1450

1450 – 1500

1500 – 1510
Coffee Break

1510 – 1520

1530 – 1600
Discussion: Indigenous solutions to rebalance the planet

First Nations people across the world are disproportionally affected by the impacts of climate change. Their knowledge and observations can be central to solving this. This panel will discuss the potential for traditional climate and nature-based practices that have existed for thousands of years to drive future indigenous-led innovation, entrepreneurship, and solutions to rebalance the planet.

1600 – 1610

1610 – 1640
Discussion: Business transformation and the race to zero

This panel of Chief Executive Officers from leading corporations in NSW will share insights into their companies' net zero plans and how this is driving business transformation, performance and opportunities for growth.

1640 – 1650
Coffee Break

1650 – 1720
Discussion: Disclosure as a catalyst for climate investment and opportunity

Climate-related risk disclosure can be a catalyst for action, competitiveness, and business growth. This panel will discuss the opportunities for large corporations that fully disclose their climate-related financial risks and how this can be a driver for net zero transition plans and investment.

1720 – 1730
International keynote

1730 – 1745
International keynote

1745 – 1815
In conversation with

Keith Tuffley, Global Co-Head, Sustainability & Corporate Transitions Group, Citi and Andrew Forrest AO, Chair & Founder, Fortescue Metals Group, Fortescue Future Industries, Minderoo Foundation & Tattarang

1815 – 1825
International keynote

1825 – 1830

0900 – 0905
Introduction and outlook for the day

0905 – 0925
International keynote addresses

0925 – 0930

0930 – 0950
In conversation with

Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group & Co-Chair, The B Team and Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer, Atlassian

0950 – 1000

1000 – 1300
Working groups: Accelerating pathways to zero emissions

1300 – 1350
Lunch break

1350 – 1410
In conversation with

Alison Rowe, Managing Director, The Nature Conservancy and Rene Woods, Conservation Project Officer, The Nature Conservancy

1410 – 1420

1425 – 1450
Discussion: Connecting climate resilient cities

As centres of economic growth and innovation, cities are producing the technologies and tools that will build greater climate resilience and drive future job creation and opportunity. This panel brings together two city leaders from Sydney and Hobart who will share how policy and collaboration can support climate innovation and discuss the opportunity for replicating and scaling these solutions across city networks.

1450 – 1500

1500 – 1515
Coffee break

1515 – 1600
Working group outcomes: Recommendations and commitments

1600 – 1615
In conversation with

Andrew Steer, President & Chief Executive Officer, Bezos Earth Fund

1615 – 1645
Shifting Capital: Bringing new technologies to scale

Rapid innovation will be critical to accelerating net zero plans while emissions reduction technologies will need to scale faster and further than any other technologies before them. This panel will address the challenges and opportunities in getting these technologies funded and to scale.

1650 – 1700
Coffee break

1700 – 1730
International keynotes

1740 – 1800
Closing summary and climate growth outlook

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