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Aug 8, 2021 1:46:32 AM
Editorial Team

The relevance of COP26 and the accelerating "green industrial revolution"


Something powerful is happening around the world. The issue of climate change has moved from the margins to the mainstream, says Alok Sharma, the President-Designate of COP26, the United Nations climate conference set to take place in November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. He unpacks what this shift means for the world economy and the accelerating "green industrial revolution" -- and lays out the urgent actions that need to happen in order to limit global temperature rise.

 Alok encapsulated what needs to happen in the run up to the conference and at the conference itself: "We need governments to take the lead and get the green transition moving faster to keep 1.5 degrees alive. We need them to set targets to reduce emissions, to make this the COP that consigns coal power to history where it belongs. The COP that signals the end of polluting vehicles, the COP that calls time on deforestation. We need developed countries to deliver the finance they have promised developing countries. And we need to help protect people and nature from the impact of our changing climate. And we need to work together as one planet to agree how we’re going to meet the scale of the climate challenge and to get every sector going green."


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