Resilient Cities

As cities across the globe rapidly expand, there is an increasing need for technologies to improve the lives of their residents and ensure greater resilience against climate change, water and resource scarcity and natural disasters. We’re excited to see investments in emerging solutions like carbon negative building materials, blockchain distributed energy grids and AI-powered disaster prediction.



Impactful Ideas

Volocopter, Germany
Electric flying cars for urban air taxi service

Volocopter is poised to make flying an integral part of urban life, of your life. The European Aviation Safety Agency certified VoloCity, is a passenger air taxi that transports you quietly, safely, emissions free and faster to your destination than any other means of urban of transport. Emergency first responders at the controls? Now That's an impactful idea? Learn more.


One Concern, USA
Making disasters less disastrous

Integrating hazard science with next-gen artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover, prepare for, and mitigate unpredictable disaster risk— building resilience to uncertainty from the disasters that may lie ahead and responses to those that have occurred. Learn more.


Sustainer Homes, Netherlands
Modular housing that stores Co2

The building and construction sector is responsible for one third of global CO2 emissions. Dutch startup Sustainer Homes has developed a solution - an ultra sustainable modular home system that reduces 90% of emissions by storing CO2. Sustainer Home’s technology custom designs modular homes to specific environments, producing electricity all year round from installed solar panels and built-in wind turbines. Learn more. 

Sustainer Homes

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