Inclusive Finance

Globally, about 1.7 billion people do not have access to a bank account, a basic necessity to escape poverty, and up to 3.5 billion have only limited access to financial services. Described by Forbes as ‘the next trillion dollar opportunity’, bringing mainstream financial services to the unbanked and underbanked is playing a major role in accelerating financial inclusion worldwide, with some of the greatest innovation seen in China and Africa. Far more investment is needed though to scale inclusive finance technologies and innovate alternative payment platforms and lending systems.



Impactful Ideas

Pockit, UK
Open a bank account in 3 minutes on your mobile

Financial exclusion exacerbates poverty and inhibits social mobility, it is one of the least discussed yet most pervasive social problems of our age. Supporting people who have been short-changed by their traditional banks, Pockit helps underserved and low-income U.K. customers manage their money with a bank account they can open in minutes. Learn more.


Cropital, Philippines
Grow your money by helping farmers

Cropital provides individual investors an opportunity to directly impact a life and at the same time grow their money. The scalable and sustainable direct funding model shifts capital to where it's needed most, bringing smallholder farmers a step closer to the hope of a better life. Learn more.


Bamba, Mexico
Bringing low-income domestic workers into the formal financial system

The founders of Bamba saw a business opportunity to help domestic workers in Mexico. Housekeepers, drivers and nannies are mostly paid in cash without benefits and are vulnerable to health and income shocks. Bamba brings these workers, their employers and financial institutions together, with a low-cost annual membership platform to provide insurance, free medical consultation and access to electronic payment services. Learn more.


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