Improved Health

The last few years have seen increased investments into technologies designed to disrupt and innovate our health and healthcare systems. Startups and investors are collaborating to prevent non-communicable diseases, scale precision medicine and increase access to affordable care for the underserved. Emerging technologies creating the healthier future we want include low-cost personalised medicines, emotion recognition for diagnosis and treatment and lab-grown synthetic organs.


Impactful Ideas

Able Human Motion, Spain
Developing robotic exoskeletons to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities

Enabling people to move on their own is unquestionably crucial to unleash full human potential. Mobility is a fundamental part of living in society autonomously and freely, engaging in daily activities like working, moving and enjoying leisure time. ABLE Human Motion advanced technology aims to empower every person in a wheelchair, by providing better mobility and greater independence.


Ada Health, Germany
AI-powered personalised health assessments

Every three seconds someone turns to Ada for health guidance. That’s a total of 15 million health assessments since launch in 2016! Ada’s mobile App connects medical knowledge with intelligent technology to help all people actively manage their health and medical professionals to deliver effective care. This is truly impact at scale.


iCarbonX, China
AI and data-driven insights for fighting disease and improving personal health

Carbon is fundamental to human life and to our DNA, lipids and cells. One of the world’s leading genomicists, Jun Wang, founded iCarbonX to create a future in which people can drive their own health and defeat disease with advanced data and AI. iCarbonX is changing how people monitor and understand their health status and optimize their lives. With it’s consumer facing digital health platform Meum, the company combines genomics with other health factors such metabolites, bacteria and lifestyle choices, providing users deep insights to improve their health. Learn more


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