Food Systems

The world needs breakthrough innovations if our food systems are to feed and nourish 10 billion by 2050. We are excited by AI-enabled services for smallholders, sensor and blockchain solutions to eliminate food waste, and 3D-printed food customised to nutritional needs. Shifting capital to scale these technologies will help ensure a future without hunger or malnutrition.



Impactful Ideas

The Not Company, Chile
Develops plant-based food alternatives to meat, mayonnaise, and dairy products

As opposed to taking the food out of the animals, the Not Company believes in the reverse – taking the animals out of the food. As much as the deliciosity of food is important, the well-being of the planet should not be compromised as well. As such, the Not Company is leveraging upon artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and genome studies to recreate the same taste and smell of animal-based foods – not forgetting its nutritional value as well. Not a bad idea! Learn more. 


Smart Agri Labs, Spain
Machine learning and big data to increase profitability of small-holder farmers globally

Smart Agri Labs has designed a network system which enables farmers to anonymously share data on their farm’s performance to get benchmarking insights and portfolio optimisation which provides recommendations on the types of suitable crops and the necessary proportion of each crop. Better yields through sharing data. Learn more.

Smart Agri LAb

Starfield, China
Innovating plant-based meat for China’s millennials

A next-generation food tech startup, Starfield has created an innovative ground meat product using seaweed protein. Targeting China’s 400 million millennial consumers, the startup has partnered with thousands of pizza and startup restaurants across the country. From it’s headquarters in Shenzhen, Starfield has developed more than 20 alternative protein products including hamburger patties and mince, quickly becoming the fastest-growing plant-based meat company in China. In addition to expanding it’s domestic market, this startup has global ambitions.


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