Circular Economy

Transformative change and rapid advancements in technology can bring us back within the limits of our planet’s boundaries. Promising startups leading this revolution are developing advanced waste to energy solutions, AI-driven recycling and bio-based chemicals. These innovators and their investors, with new business models and nature-based materials, are our catalysts for a regenerative and circular economy, where sharing, closed-loop systems and zero waste are the new normal.




Rntr, Australia

A full-service rental and resale platform for brands to connect with their re-commerce community directly from their own website.

Rntr enables premium fashion brands to step into the re-commerce market, to increase their margin, expand their customer base, future-proof their brands and reduce waste through rental & resale with a reverse inventory management software that presents simply as a plug-in that can easily integrate into any e-commerce website. Established in 2021, Rntr already has  16 brands live,19 brands in the pipeline and 300 renters on its platform where it is empowering consumers to wear more with less impact! Learn more.

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Kelpy, Australia

Seaweed biopackaging for a cooler planet

Kelpy is a female led startup that has developed a world first injection mouldable seaweed bioplastic innovation. A B2B packaging solution for manufacturing customers who care about climate change and ocean health, Kelpy can now deliver rigid and sachet film packaging solutions to market that are marine degradable and home compostable! Learn more.


Huidu, China
Bringing circular economy packaging solutions to China’s logistics and manufacturing industries

Shanghai-based startup Huidu Environmental saw an opportunity in the staggering volumes of packaging waste produced by China’s courier industry, which handles 40% of global logistics business. Huidu combines advanced recycled packaging solutions with a large network of local recycling services. A rental business model means that customers like China Post, Amazon and DHL are responsible for returning smart boxes and packages, saving billions in plastic bags, wasted tape and timber from trees. Learn more.


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